Noble Legal have placed partners with UK City, US City and West End firms. The two founding directors, David Crollick and Daniel Smith, handle an ever-increasing number of instructions at partner level.

Both directors have been in recruitment since 1997 and have consequently placed a number of partners and partner designates, and seen many of their associate level hires break into partnership with the full range of firms.

This experience is invaluable in recognising what is required at this level with:

  • Different types of firm
  • Different specialisations
  • Different economic conditions
  • Different levels of experience

What do we mean by this?

To give some examples: a Magic Circle firm will have different needs and expectations to a West End firm; the level of following is more important in a weak market when firms have less work to offer; a greater following will be expected at the equity partner level than salaried partner level; there are greater expectations of following for standalone teams than those that support larger teams, i.e. corporate support.

There are subtle nuances that make each instruction slightly different from all others. Partner level hires take a great deal longer and are much more thorough, with many more variables and a higher level of due diligence required. This is why partners prefer to work with more experienced consultants who can pre-empt situations and handle them as they occur.

Accurate advice and guidance is vital at partner level. We are able to support you throughout the process with respect to:

  • CV writing
  • Drawing up a Business Plan that will stand up to due diligence
  • Talking you through the process before you embark
  • Interview preparation
  • Remuneration advice
  • Discussing which firms have a current appetite, which firms are within reach and which firms best suit your existing business needs and your future aspirations, i.e. the right platform
  • Culture and expectations within different firms
  • US firms in London: how Anglicised are they? How well do the offices work together? Do they have a cross-sell culture? How much work is referred from the US? How well integrated are they with the UK and European markets?
  • Negotiating your package and partner status
  • Resigning

Noble Legal have many partner level contacts and we will work alongside you and the appropriate partner at the firms you wish to approach – in many cases the Managing Partner. We understand the need for discretion, accuracy, responsiveness and responsibility. After all, the stakes are higher at this level!

There are often ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors that motivate an individual to move. Prior to making that move, we can ascertain what exactly needs to be addressed or improved upon and where best to find a solution. We have the market intelligence, experience, and inside track with most of the well regarded City and West End firms. We may also help differentiate between rumour and substantive knowledge about firms, their profitability and their stability, both financial and with respect to personnel on a firm-wide and departmental level.

For more information, please contact David Crollick or Daniel Smith.

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Areas of expertise


Noble Legal’s core business is the London private practice market, both City and West End.

We have placed with and are preferred suppliers for most top 200 London firms, and we work closely with over half of the US firms based in London.

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We have a considerable footprint in Paris and Brussels. We have also placed lawyers in Amsterdam and Geneva.

In addition to this, we work with and have placed with firms in the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia.

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Noble Legal work with a broad range of prestigious companies to include an increasing number of blue chips that complement our ‘top-end’ focus in private practice recruitment.

This is a growth industry and firms have an increasing appetite to increase their in-house legal capability.

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Noble Legal can offer many years of specialist experience in the thriving area of PSL recruitment.

We handle roles at every level from junior PSL to Head of Knowledge Management roles, and we can offer advice on many aspects of PSL work including market trends, salaries and career prospects.

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