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The first and most important step is to create a recruitment document which must be updated throughout the process. We would recommend you save this document as you may be looking again in 2, 3, 4, or 5 years time. Make note of exactly which firms you have discussed/approached. Please also note down through which means, i.e. agent, direct, friend, when you approached them, when and what the outcome was.

If you are able to work with us on an exclusive basis then there will be a greater level of control and co-ordination on your part (plus your agent at Noble Legal will be doubly motivated to go the extra mile on your behalf).

Ideally we would aim to secure first and subsequent interview stages at different firms in the same time frame to avoid complications at decision time. There is also the added benefit that clients like to know that we are in control of the process and if you are working with us exclusively we can reassure them of this.

We understand that you may want to speak to other agencies so do ensure that you are selective. Do not approach every agency in the market, but stick to a select few (between 1 and 5 depending upon your circumstances) so you can have complete control of your career and you are not called/emailed every 5 minutes with respect to the same job.

Manage your agent: seek assurances from each agent that they do not forward your details to any third party without express consent.

Only approach firms when they are actively seeking someone of your expertise and level of seniority (the parameters can be pushed a little on this front). There are exceptions to this rule, namely for partners with portable business and associates with a skill set that is always in short supply and high demand, i.e. pensions, aviation finance etc…

Be honest and upfront with your agent. Your agent is there to assist, advise and guide you through the process. If he/she does not have all the relevant information to advise and represent you, he/she will not be best placed to provide a good service. If you have left under difficult circumstances, please be upfront and we can work together to decide the best way to handle this.

Trust: there has to be an element of trust between candidates and their agents. Both parties have a great deal to win and lose and both parties share the same aim. It is important that there is mutual trust, courtesy and respect.

Part of this courtesy and respect manifests itself in two-way communication. As part of our pledge, we promise to respond promptly and efficiently with all information and events as they unfold. We need reciprocity in order to work together as a team. We appreciate that it can be difficult to talk during work hours, so if this is the case we can agree upon a methodology that suits best, i.e. communicate by text/email and speak after work. Do remember that if you develop a mutually respectful and cooperative relationship with your consultant, he/she will feel more comfortable pushing hard on your behalf, and will also be more motivated to go the extra mile for you – this is in your best interest.

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