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We are a high quality, low volume agency. As such, for those candidates who are seriously and actively looking for a new position, we always endeavour to build a close working partnership in order to steer them towards their career goals. This is always dependent on two-way open lines of communication and we act decisively and promptly at all stages of the recruitment process.

Our Pledge

“We will not forward any of your details to any third party without express written consent. This particularly applies to CVs not being forwarded to clients until receipt of email instruction.”

We are very well connected in London, Brussels, Paris, Dubai and Hong Kong, especially with respect to the London and Brussels private practice markets. Noble Legal have close professional links with both partners and HR at the top 100 UK and US firms in these cities. Whilst we cannot guarantee an interview, we can guarantee that we have a high level of influence and persuasion with these firms.

With respect to the services we offer, we do not simply act as a conduit between client and candidate, but consider ourselves to be trusted advisors and skilled negotiators, and experts in the legal recruitment industry.

How does this benefit you?

  • We listen to you and ensure that the positions we suggest are tailored to your needs, abilities and aspirations

  • We offer practical and personalised career advice
  • We offer constructive guidance on optimising your CV
  • We offer full interview advice and where required, we are happy to undertake a mock interview and discuss questions that are likely to be asked
  • We have a salary survey on our website which is based on a great deal of empirical data that is collated and regularly updated
  • We ensure you are fully briefed prior to interview and debriefed following your interview
  • We endeavour to communicate the response from clients as promptly as possible
  • We offer general coaching and support throughout the recruitment process, advising you through all stages and helping to manage proceedings
  • We offer advice drafting business plans and on expected ‘following’ levels for specific firms

  • We are happy to discuss current market trends and how this affects you
  • We have compiled a Recruitment Advice page which outlines a few tips that may help guide you through the recruitment process
  • We also advise on serving notice and how to resign to ensure smooth passage

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