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We recruit for a broad spectrum of legal clients, from both the private practice and in-house. We are primarily contingency-based, however we do also undertake retained search assignments offering a very flexible fee structure. We recruit through advertising and headhunting predominantly for London private practice, however we also have a strong presence in Brussels, Paris, Dubai and Hong Kong.

We recruit at all levels from NQ to Partner and have experience recruiting both individuals and teams. Noble Legal also have an in-house division on behalf of a number of blue chip clients which we hope to expand further in coming years.

Our Screening Process
We have a highly thorough screening process to ensure that we maintain a controlled database of high-calibre candidates. This begins with the initial call in which we must feel confident that the applicant is relevant to our market. We therefore apply the following criteria:

  • All moves on the CV must be explained and justified. We understand that people can move jobs/locations for a number of reasons, and will thoroughly analyse these.

  • Academic record must be appropriate for the type of firm the candidate is looking to move to.

  • We assess the level of involvement the individual has had in specific transactions/cases.

  • With more senior candidates we make an initial assessment as to the level of portable business.

  • The candidate must have realistic career and remuneration expectations.

  • We look to develop a mutually courteous business relationship and keep the lines of communication open.

  • We meet as many candidates as we can, and we meet all candidates we work closely with assuming that this is geographically feasible.

Business Plan Best Practice
We have a Business Plan Best Practice guide on our website based on a great deal of information that is collated and regularly updated.

Salary Survey
We have a salary survey on our website based on a great deal of information that is collated and regularly updated.

Diversity Report
As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility we are aware of the need to monitor diversity in all professions. The legal sector has been criticised for not embracing or encouraging diversity enough and we hope that we can go some way to helping to address this.

We request all new candidates complete a short diversity form in order to report on race, sexuality, disability, religion and age. The results of these statistics are held anonymously, compiled in a diversity report which is continually updated and available to all of our clients who request it.

Market Trends / Advice
Clients, like candidates, also need to be fully appraised of market dynamics. Working with so many firms and blue chips, we gain perspective of fluctuations within the legal market, both generally and with respect to specific specialisms, i.e. banking/finance, corporate, dispute resolution and employment law. Clients often solicit our consultants’ views and experiences regarding their competitors, current levels of supply and demand etc. Whilst we will not breach any confidences, we are more than willing to impart any relevant and up-to-date knowledge we have acquired through our many collective years in legal recruitment.

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